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  Degree Program: School of Law
    International Legal Studies Program (ILSP)
Degree Program: Graduate School of Law and Politics
(Almost all courses are offered in Japanese.)

Available Course Listing (Master's Course)

  Administrative Law 1, 2
  Advanced Industrial Property
  Advanced Industrial Property Law 1, 2
  Advanced Workshop on Administrative Law 1,3
  Advanced Workshop on Civil Law 1,2,3
  Advanced Workshop on Commercial Law 1,2
  Advanced Workshop on Conparative Politics
  Advanced Workshop on Constitutional Law 1,2
  Advanced Workshop on Criminal Law 1,2,3
  Advanced Workshop on Criminal Procedure Law 1
  Advanced Workshop on Economic Law
  Advanced Workshop on Environmental Law
  Advanced Workshop on History of Western Political Philosophy
  Advanced Workshop on History of Legal Thought
  Advanced Workshop on Information Law
  Advanced Workshop on Intellectual Property Law 1,2
  Advanced Workshop on International Law 1,2
  Advanced Workshop on International Politics
  Advanced Workshop on Issues and Resrarch on Contemporary China
  Advanced Workshop on Japanese Legal History
  Advanced Workshop on Japanese Political History
  Advanced Workshop on Jurisprudence
  Advanced Workshop on Labor Law 1,2
  Advanced Workshop on Law of Internataional Transaction
  Advanced Workshop on Law of Judicial Administration 1,2
  Advanced Workshop on Legal and Political Informatics 1,2
  Advanced Workshop on Legal Literature
  Advanced Workshop on Political History of East Asia
  Advanced Workshop on Political Process
  Advanced Workshop on Political Science
  Advanced Workshop on Private International Law
  Advanced Workshop on Public Administration
  Advanced Workshop on Roman Law
  Advanced Workshop on Social Law
  Advanced Workshop on Sociology of Law
  Advanced Workshop on Tax Law
  Advanced Workshop on Western Legal History
  Alternative Dispute Resolution
  Civil Law 1, 2
  Commercial Law 1, 2
  Comparative Legal History
  Comparative Politics
  Comprehensive Seminar Work of Law in Japan
  Comprehensive Seminar Work of Politics in Japan
  Constitutional Law 1, 2
  Copyright Law Analysis
  Criminal Law
  Criminal Law Systems
  Criminal Procedure Law
  Directed Research 1,2
  Design Law 1, 2
  Employment Relations Law
  Guided research 1, 2, 3, 4
  History of Legal Thought
  History of Western Political Thought
  Industrial Prorerty Law Practices
  Industrial Property Law Analysis 1,2
  Industrial Property Law Special Lecrure 
  Industrial Property Seminar 1, 2, 3, 4
  Industrial Property Treaties 1, 2
  Information Law
  Intellectual Property Management
  Intellectual Property Seminar
  International Intellectual Property Law
  International Law 1, 2
  Introduction to International Politics
  Introduction to Civil Law
  Introduction to Policy Science
  Issues and Research on Contemporary China
  Japanese Legal Law
  Labor Law 1, 2
  Labor Market Law
  Law and Policy
  Law of Civil Procedure
  Law of International Transactions
  Legal and Political Informatics
  Legal and Political Informatics 1, 2
  Legal Literature
  Patent Law 1, 2
  Political History
  Political History of East Asia
  Political Process
  Political Science
  Private International Law
  Public Administration
  Public Law, Basic
  Roman Law
  Seminar Work (Comparative Constitutional Law)
  Seminar Work (Case Study of Labor Law)
  Seminar Work (Comparative Theories of Human Rights)
  Seminar Work (Environmental Law)
  Seminar Work (Global Leadership)
  Seminar Work (International Contract Laws)
  Seminar Work (International Finance)
  Seminar Work (Introduction to Reading German Materials of Jurisprudence 1, 2)
  Seminar Work (Introduction to EU Law)
  Seminar Work (Leadership and Business Strategy in Asia)
  Seminar Work (Law in Development)
  Seminar Work (Leadership)
  Seminar Work (Policy-making and regulation)
  Seminar Work (Qualitative Research of Theories and Methods)
  Seminar Work (Rules, Regulations and Business Activity)
  Seminar Work (Safty Act)
  Seminar Work (The Human Rights and Judicial Review in East Asia)
  Social Security Law
  Sociology of Law
  Special Lecture on Asian Law and Politics
  Studies for Adjudication Practice
  Studies in Legal Documents 1,2
  Tax Law
  Theory of Human Rights
  Theory of Public Governance
  Topic Seminar (Case Study of Labor Law)
  Topic Seminar (Qualitative Research of Theories and Methods)
  Topic Seminar (International Finance)
  Topic Seminar (Japan-U.S. Relations)
  Trademark Law 1, 2
  Unfair Competition Law
and so forth

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