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    Degree Program: Graduate School of Law and Politics
    International Legal Studies Program (ILSP)
Degree Program: School of Law
(Most courses are offered in Japanese.)

Available Course Listing

  Administrative Law 1, 2, 3, 4
  Applied Information Processing for Legal and Political Issue
  Asian Law and Politics
  Asian Political History
  Basic Seminar Work
  Business History of Japan
  Civil Law 1, 2, 3, 4
  Commercial Law 1, 2, 3
  Comparative Study of Politics
  Constitutional Law 1, 2
  Contemporary Conflict
  Contemporary European Politics
  Criminal Law 1, 2
  Criminal Procedure Law
  Debtor and Creditor's Law 1, 2
  Decision Theory
  Diplomatic History
  Economic Development
  Economic History
  Economic Law
  English Certificates I, II
  European and American Political History
  European Law
  European Legal History
  Foreign Policy
  Forensic Medicine
  Game Theory
  History of Economic Doctrines
  History of Legal Thought
  History of Western Political Thought
  Human Capital
  Human Security
  Intellectual Property Law 1, 2, 3
  International Behavior
  International Business Transactions Law
  International Economic Law
  International Environmental Law
  International Finance and Development
  International Human Rights Law
  International Law 1, 2, 3
  International Organizations
  International Politics
  International Public Policy
  International Trade and Investment
  International Trade Policy
  Introduction to Civil Law
  Introduction to Constitutional Law
  Introduction to International Relations
  Introduction to Legal Studies
  Introduction to Microeconomics
  Introduction to Political Science
  Introduction to Statistical Method for Policy Analysis
  Introduction to the Japanese Legal System
  Japanese Economic History
  Japanese Modern Legal Law
  Japanese Political History
  Judical Procedural Theory
  Labor Law
  Law of Civil Procedure 1, 2
  Legal Informatics 1, 2
  Local Government Law
  Local Governments
  Mass media and international public policy
  Money and Banking
  Peace Studies
  Political Process
  Political Theory
  Private International Law
  Project Seminar in English
  Public Administration
  Public Economics
  Public Finance
  Readings and Writings
  Research in Foreign-Language Materials 1, 2
  Roman Law
  Security Policy
  Seminar I, II, III, IV
  Seminar Work 1, 2
  Social Security Law
  Sociology of Law
  Special Lecrure (The Human Rights and Judicial Review in East Asia- Focus on the Issues between Japan to Taiwan)
  Special Lecture ("Historical Narratives" in the 21st Century)
  Special Lecture (Academic Writing)
  Special Lecture (Bioethics and Health Law)
  Special Lecture (Comparative Politics of Developing Countries)
  Special Lecture (Contemporary Japanese Economy)
  Special Lecture (Current Trends in Intellectual Property)
  Special Lecture (Environment and Development)
  Special Lecture (Environmental Law)
  Special Lecture (Focal Points of Public Law and Private Law in Japan)
  Special Lecture (Gateway to Europe- Contemporary Dutch Studies)
  Special Lecture (Global Leadership)
  Special Lecture (How to Use Economic Statistics)
  Special Lecture (Information Law)
  Special Lecture (Insight from Refugee Issues)
  Special Lecture (International Contract Law)
  Special Lecture (Internet Technology and Law)
  Special Lecture (Introduction to Anglo-American Law: Constitutions)
  Special Lecture (Introduction to Australian Law)
  Special Lecture (Introduction to EU Law)
  Special Lecture (Japanese Constitutional Law)
  Special Lecture (Japanese Legal/Political System and Culture)
  Special Lecture (Judicial Procedural Theory)
  Special Lecture (Law and Policy on Modern Family)
  Special Lecture (Law concerning with the Treatment of Offenders)
  Special Lecture (Lawyering)
  Special Lecture (Leadership and Business Strategy in Asia)
  Special Lecture (Leadership Design)
  Special Lecture (Leadership)
  Special Lecture (Legal Presentation and Negotiation in English)
  Special Lecture (Peace and Human Security in Japan)
  Special Lecture (Policy-making and Regulation)
  Special Lecture (Research Methods in Social Sciences)
  Special Lecture (Science Technology and Social Enterprise)
  Special Lecture (Social Innovation and Design Thinking)
  Special Lecture (Society and International Relations of Contemporary Japan)
  Special Lecture (Topics in Comparative Law)
  Special Lecture (Topics in Conparative Contract and Torts Law)
  Special Lecture (Topics in Japanese Law)
  Statistical Method for Policy Analysis
  Tax Law 1, 2

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