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For sixty years, thousands of students have graduated from the School of Law and the Graduate School of Law and Politics. They have been playing essential roles in the legal profession, government, business, industry, and academic institutions, both in Japan and around the world. We are proud of their contribution, which has been made in virtually every aspect of society. In particular, our alumni include a large number of lawyers. About 500 graduates are currently practicing law not far from the campus. They maintain close relations with the faculty, and provide valuable input in our curriculum development, advising us of new developments emerging in the profession and the legal system.

An example of this process may be seen in an undergraduate course that is taught every year by alumni lawyers. In every class of the course, the instructors raise real-world issues that are currently preoccupying the legal profession, in such areas of interests as intellectual property rights, the present situation of the judicial system in China, medical malpractice suits, violations of human rights, and so on. Alumni Lawyers frequently invite students to their law firms and encourage frank discussion with their colleagues in an informal and open atmosphere. It is easy to imagine how such experiences effectively foster in young law students an interest in joining the profession and working for social justice.

Alumni working in other fields also help us as excellent part-time instructors. Classes taught by executives and legal experts in leading companies in Japan, and government officials playing important roles in the making of public policy, are viewed by the students as being interesting, meaningful, and ultimately motivating, and the instructors, as alumni of the school, serve as important role models for the students. 

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