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Meeting Current Needs

Today, both the legal profession and the broader society are changing at a rapid pace. Law schools cannot remain aloof from emerging trends and needs in society. We need to be constantly ready to adapt our facilities and curriculum to reflect and respond to the latest technology and the newest thinking in law and society, while nonetheless preserving the academic heritage of traditional jurisprudence.

The School of Law was among the first institutions in Japan to offer legal informatics within its core curriculum, at a time when most lawyers in the country were still adhering to a traditional and increasingly anachronistic style of legal research.

Currently, we provide a variety of unique classes, indispensable for law students in the twenty -first century. For Example, Australian Law class allows the students toExperience a short study abroad at the end of course.Other classes invite leaders in Japan to lecture and talk to the students about Japan, the world and leadership.

Multi-media semiar

As a leading academic institution in both legal education and research, we view it as one of our missions to contribute to the wider society, by developing the human capital, ideas, and intellectual innovations that are essential for its evolution and increasing welfare. The Graduate School of Law and Politics accepts a number of government workers every year as regular students and special auditors. In our program, they can connect their practical experience with academic training to advance their ability to deal with today’s challenging administrative tasks. Additionally, the Intellectual Property Law program, which was set up as a sub-program of the graduate program in 2008, is aimed at training the IP experts that Japan will be relying on for the achievement of its visions for the future.

Our concern are not only domestic, however, as we also focus on contributing to the international community. The Graduate School of Law and Politics organizes training courses for government officials and legal specialists from developing countries in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which is an essential part of Japan’s technical assistance for judicial and administrative institution-building in Asian and African countries. This is but one example among many of our active cooperation with institutions and organizations beyond our campus to fulfill our responsibilities as a leading academic institution, as well as to enhance the richness of our own academic program.


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