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Dean's Message
Professor HAYASHI Tomoyoshi

Greetings from Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan! Thank you for visiting the website of the School of Law, Graduate School of Law and Politics at the Osaka University. As the dean, I am honored to greet you. You may be planning to visit us, study with us, or just be interested in our activities.

Our School, both undergraduate and graduate, has enjoyed its reputation as one of the leading academic institutions in law and politics in Japan since its foundation in 1948 as the Faculty of Letters and Law. Please refer to the school’s history for more details. Our school may be relatively young compared to the Ex-Imperial Universities, but its intellectual output has been noteworthy.

As of May 1st 2015, we have 40 teaching staffs, many of who studied abroad, for example, in Europe, in the U.S.A, and in the People’s Republic of China. Consequently, their intellectual backgrounds consist of the most advanced studies abroad and in Japan. We are constantly welcoming students and scholars from all over the World; not only from the U.S.A. and Europe, but also from Asia, the South Pacific and South America.

At the same time, our School is renowned for the open attitude toward the practice of legislation, justice and administration and maintains strong connections with professionals in these fields. For example, one of our full time employees is regularly invited as an ex-high official at the central ministry and we also have an ex-cabinet legislation bureau chief who often comes as a guest professor. In conclusion, our school can offer you an ideal intellectual environment to study the most advanced legal and political theories and practices in Japan without neglecting their international and historical context.

For example, we hosted 40 undergraduate students from abroad, 14 of who were from Korea and 9 who were from the People’s Republic of China, as of April 1st 2015. Many of our international graduates from our doctoral course now work as scholars or other professionals all over the World including Japan. For many of our international students, their experience here effectively helped them kick-start their careers. Guests from abroad, whether it was for a short stay or a long one, often found their respective experience and dialogue to be very useful. We are always open to you with expectations for new encounters and dialogues.

Dean of the School,
 Prof. Tomoyoshi Hayashi (Ph. D.)

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